View Order Sync Logs & Stats In Dashboard

BrightConnect Dashboard shows easy to read stats & logs regarding the synchronization of Orders.

The dashboard helps to check logs real quick, just click on the Boxes to check the sync Logs.

a) Order Sync Logs –
It will show you the orders sync details between Brightpearl and BigCommerce.

b) Orders Pending Logs –
It will display the pending orders, which are not created.
You can click on the “View” button in the “Action” column, it will let you know the reason behind the same.

c) Unmatched Products Logs –

It will show you the mapped status of the items.

c) Unmatched Customer Logs –
It will show you the customer mapping between Brightpearl and BigCommerce, from here you can map the unmapped customers to avoid the failure of Order Sync.
For customer mapping & item mapping, below are the references –
1. How To Map The Items Between The Platforms?

2. How To Map The Customers Between The Platforms?


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